Lavender Boutique is passionate about lavender and being the best it can be.  We are ever alert to ways we can improve our products, our systems and our growing & harvesting strategies.  We love exploring new ways of using lavender in products.

We enjoy and take pride in working closely with nature and its seasonal rhythms.  The pruned lavender stills its growth in winter and when the ground temperature rises September/October green shoots appear - by December the lavender is in its purple glory.  In mid-summer (January/February) the lavender is harvested and then later pruned ... that's the lavender's year.

We always keep in mind that 'green & natural' is best.  We take care to keep up with best practice ways of making products and prefer to use ingredients that meet the standards of EcoCert.  EcoCert was the first certification body to develop standards for 'natural' and organic cosmetics.

Lavender Boutique is about supplying freshly made products.  As we are small we can make in small batches.  We will only sell the dried lavender that is grown in that year.  

Our lavender is grown spray free.