Dried Lavender - (great for filling sachets) - Grown SprayFree - 25 grams & 100gm - Harvested 2023

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These dried lavender buds are ideal for filling sachets and other craft work. The scent is intense and is of the variety 'grosso'. The lavender was harvested (by hand) at the beginning of 2023 near Masterton.

To make your own moth prevention sachets you can buy your own organza bags ($2.00 shops stock these).  Place filled sachets over hangers in wardrobe or tuck into drawers.  You can sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil in with the dried lavender to reinforce the lavender scent if you think it's needed.

You have the option of buying a 25gm cellphone bag or a 100gm cellophane bag. The 25gm option is approximately one cup as shown in the photo - the 100gm is equal to about 4 cups

Lavender is very light: a heaped teaspoon of lavender weighs approx. 1gm.  100gm of lavender equals about 100 teaspoons of lavender. 
Grosso (l.intermedia) is a grey/blue colour as in cup in photo.  The bright blue sprig of lavender at front of photo is L.angustifolia.

We do sell the filled sachets if you would prefer