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Award winning lavender essential oil for sale here

Product Image Lavender Hydrosol - 1 Litre - Distilled from L.angustifolia 2016

Lavender Hydrosol - 1 Litre - Distilled from L.angustifolia 2016


This 100% lavender hydrosol is a by-product of the distillation process and in addition to being 100% distilled water it contains the beneficial water soluble components of the lavender plant and has many uses:

* It's a very gentle, balancing skin toner for all skin types

* Will help in the summer's heat to ease sunburn/windburn

* Mist the face & neck throughout the day to combat an excessively dry atmosphere and/or while travelling to maintain skin hydration

* Good to use for children: to clean cuts and grazes, calm cranky moods and bring an end to tearful tantrums;  mist the air in a babies room or spray on parents clothing

* Add it to bathwater or spray it directly on bed and pillow for a restful night's sleep

*  Known to be used for dog allergies such as redness - "not only does inflammation subside within the hour but she is cool and collected"

* Great ingredient in face masks and for the distilled water component when making your own creams etc.

* Calming and cooling to the body, mind and spirit lavender hydrosol makes a refreshing room spray for home and office.

* I put it straight into my steam iron and it is also good for cleaning such as pet doors.

* If you believe jeans should not be washed but hung out on the line to freshen-up - a spritz with lavender hydrosol would work very well


Comes to you in a plastic litre bottle